How does one talk about arguably the biggest movie in history without SPOILING ANYTHING. We say in history because already, the pre-ticket sales have shattered any existing records, and we’re seeing reports of something like almost 4,000 completely sold-out showtimes across the country. Avengers: Endgame isn’t JUST the 22nd Marvel Studios live-action superhero film, it’s the 22nd piece of a giant cosmic puzzle that we’re completing this April 26th.

We knew this one was going to be…something. But what KIND of something? We weren’t sure really. We expected tears and confusion and maybe a bit of closure in some areas that we’ve seen unfold across Avengers: Infinity War and the multitude of other titles in the MCU.

We’ve been with these heroes from the start; from Jon Favreau‘s most wonderful kickoff of bringing these funny paper characters to life. His was the vision that launched a shared-universe, his fight gave us Robert Downey Jr. as freaking Iron Man in an age when studios didn’t think RBJr. could DO it. Things come full circle in a poetic end from that 2008 film.

Obviously this isn’t the END-end of the MCU, as Spider-Man: Far From Home hits this July, and there are reportedly more than a few titles kicking around in the Phase 4 timeline…but this was most certainly the end of the beginning.

What we weren’t expecting was the sense of shared relief. The kind where a great task has been completed, an experience has ended, and the entire planet will know the same feeling at the end of the 3 hour 58 second film.

That’s not to say it doesn’t fucking hurt this time, because it does. There will be pain, there will be loss, but there will also be the promise of a new future.

Do NOT spoil the fucking movie, comic karma is a thing and it WILL come back to get you, eventually.

You can count on a full review from us next week, after we’ve all had our Endgame experience, and then we’ll talk about it. Together. Whatever it takes.

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