From Diamond Select and only available via Entertainment Earth, comes this “heavy”, 1/15th scale replica of Doctor Emmet Brown’s greatest invention; a Time Machine, built out of a DeLorean. This particular DeLorean is the version seen in Back to the Future Part II.

Back to the Future Part II is, without a doubt, the best of the Back to the Future sequels; so much so for me, that it is right up there with the original film! How patiently we have waited over the years. There were all these promises made for the 2015 depicted in the film, and we were definitely shortchanged. We got no flying cars, no hover boards, no crazy food hydrators, and worst of all, no 15 extra Jaws sequels! Well, at least we got our very own rich, megalomaniacal Biff Tannen from the film’s alternate 1985 timeline, with Donald Trump…That has got to count for something I guess…Right?

This 13 inch, Back to the Future Part II DeLorean, is the best Back to the Future toy on the market! With this DeLorean, where you’re going, “you won’t need roads.” That is because this exclusive vehicle has a lever, which sets the car’s wheels into flight mode, so it can take to the skyways just like in the movie. It features the car’s unmistakeable, trademark gull-wing doors and chrome aesthetics. The DeLorean is armed with lights and a series of movie-accurate sound effects including;

  • First time travel
  • Car trouble
  • Revving up and winding down
  • Opening door
  • Rev up and peel out
  • Engine start-up
  • Return from time travel
  • Return from time travel to a screeching halt
  • Time circuit engaged
  • Hover landing

It is also worth noting that the car fits most 3 and 3/4 inch action figures, so if you already have or have been meaning to buy those Back to the Future Reaction figureshere is the perfect addition to your set! Pricing on this car won’t require you to have been in possession of Gray’s Sports Almanac, as it is merely $49.99. This piece is a exclusive limited edition through Entertainment Earth, so pick yours up here before you are OUTATIME!

Oh, Just in case you find yourselves a wee bit thirsty, here is a set of shots from Secret of the Booze that will leave you saying Jiga what???

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