Seriously, are we ever going to get the live action Monopoly film?  With all the Hasbro licensed films getting the green light, how much longer til the Hungry Hungry Hippos live action starring Melissa McCarthy happens?

Paramount has announced their intention to revisit their currently owned property of Beyblade, Deadline is reporting. Beyblade is a line of customizable toys modeled after traditional Japanese fighting tops, developed and manufactured by Takaratomy, the creator of Transformers. The toys have been perennial strong sellers around the world and previously spawned multiple TV series, animated features and video games in markets around the world.


The toys originated in Japan and were licensed to Hasbro in 2001. The toyline got a second wind in 2009 when a second generation called Metal Fusion became a big worldwide seller, and a new generation of the Beyblades toys will be launched in 2017.

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