Perhaps not one of the most popular Marvel comic titles but one of the most enduring, Cloak & Dagger move forward towards at Freeform.  Cloak & Dagger was origally slated for the ABC Family channel for about five years, but Marvel Studios and ABC Signature Studios decided to move it over to Freeform, theoretically to be tied closer to Agents of SHIELD and the upcoming Inhumans.

Deadline reports Olivia Holt and Aubrey Joseph have been confirmed to be our Tandy Bowen and Tyrone Johnson.

Olivia Holt
Olivia Holt
Aubrey Johnson
Aubrey Johnson

Marvel’s Cloak and Dagger follows the interracial romance between Tandy Bowen (Holt) and Tyrone Johnson (Joseph), two teenagers from very different backgrounds, who find themselves burdened and awakened to newly acquired superpowers while falling in love. Tandy can emit light daggers and Tyrone has the ability to engulf others in darkness. They quickly learn they are better together than apart — but their feelings for each other make their already complicated world even more challenging.

Tandy­ (Oliva Holt – “Dagger”) Once a privileged little girl, Tandy Bowen watched as her family was destroyed by a disastrous storm that uprooted her life.  Now in her late teens, an unexpected encounter with a boy named Tyrone sparks a life changing event.

Tyrone (Aubrey Joesph – “Cloak”)  ­ Young Tyrone Johnson wanted nothing more than to prove he was fearless.  But when everything he held close was taken away, life taught Tyrone to be afraid.   Now older and more sheltered,  Tyrone closes himself off.  But when he meets a girl named Tandy his life changes Forever.

We’ll keep you updated as more news becomes available.


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