969000_10152121448859465_1546400552_nSo today we got a chance to talk with Ejen Chuang Creator/operator of Cosplay in America. Many people turn to Cosplay in America because there is zero prejudiced when cosplays are picked for the site. So, Ejen, does Cosplay In America have any form of standards you look for when posting/sharing cosplay images?

  • Not really. I mean you seen the photos I post ranging from heavily photoshop to a cell phone photo taken at a con. I usually look for something unique or a fun situation. I also try to balance it out between video games, anime, comic book, movies and such.

Wow that’s pretty cool. I’m sure keeping track of it all at times can be difficult.  I know you had a great success with your first cosplay book. And I hear you want to try and make Cosplay in America 2? Tell us about it?

  • Simply, I didn’t just want to repeat myself but expand upon the first book. So yes, the second book will have portraits shot like the first book but I’m now doing “behind the scenes” to show what a cosplayer goes through in crafting and creating their cosplay at home as well as at the convention. I’m using Kickstarter to finance the second book.


Really cool now lets say I am a cosplayer who wants to be in the book but have no way of meeting with you are you taking fan submissions too?

  • Unfortunately not But I have been shooting for the book in a way so if I photographed a cosplayer against the grey backdrop at any time since 2010, you are in the running !

Rock on. Now is there anyway someone can help make this project a bigger success I know you mentioned a kickstarter earlier?

  • I do have a Kickstarter but what is more important is letting people know I have a Kickstarter so the best thing anyone can do is to tell their friends, tweet about it, facebook it, just get the word out !

Sounds awesome! What type of benefits would one get from helping with this kickstarter?

  • Everything from postcards, posters, t-shirts, name in the book, even a copy of the book before it hits the streets !


REALLY! That’s Kickass! Do you have any advertising potentials in the book, like lets say Aggressive Comix wants to buy some ad space? I might know a guy who works there 😉

  • lol, well, if you donate, your name gets into the book so yes, if Aggressive Comix would like to be listed as contributor, have at it !

Awesome! Well hey man thanks for joining us in this little back and forth and to everyone out there if you want to be a part of something great then go donate to this project! Ejen is an awesome guy the first book was killer and who wouldn’t want to be immortalized is something as incredible as this! We want to thank Ejen and everyone at Cosplay in America for there time… BUT GO DONATE NOW!!!

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