I received a call this evening from an avid cosplaying friend. Bla bla this and bla bla that led into me being informed about this PAX BLASPHEMY! … Maybe an over reaction, but I get drama where I can these days. This geekgirls life is vanilla.

So the goss is: Pax have decided to introduce some official rules for cosplay at their event. They are as following:


While PAX is mainly intended to facilitate gaming, we recognize that many Attendees will want to dress in awesome costumes. These awesome costumes often come with prop ‘weapons,’ and the question: “can I bring this to PAX?” Needless to say, real weapons are NOT permitted, but what about props?
Well, there are some informal rules that we’ve been using to decide this for the last few PAXes. As of now, they have become official, and are as follows:
– It fires or can fire any sort of projectile. (Yes, even Nerf.)
– It looks like a real firearm at “second glance.” (Yes, even if it’s a kid’s toy.)
– It’s sharp or pointy enough to cut or pierce someone with moderate pressure. (Yes, even if it’s not made of metal.)



This may not go down to well. Aussies have very warped humour and I am visioning a fair few of these babies being wopped around the event….

– While I am not  a Cosplayer, I have a lot of respect for those serious about Cosplay.  –  I feel for the Cosplayers who have spent countless hours and dollars getting their costumes together, which would be incomplete without their weapons. Hell, sometimes it is the weapon that makes the Char.

Also business’s like http://www.armouredheaven.com.au/ who supply Cosplay weapons. Hand painted replicas that even the uncool of the uncool would turn their heads at (I would buy this stuff just to barrel roll around my house pretending I was as awesome as I wish I was). They will suffer severe cuts to their client base and income due to these new rules. What will happen if all events enforce these?!

For those whom do not know what PAX is >Info>  http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Penny_Arcade_Expo .

It will be PAX’s first time Down Under. Whether you are a gamer/Cosplayer or just want to see some skin I recommend you head on down, with or without your Sword dildos.


See you at PAX 19th-21st July 2013 (Melb Showgrounds)!!! – Ness 🙂

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