After what feels like a long time, a long time, it would appear that the highly anticipated Disney+ series “Kenobi” is back on. Joby Harold has been brought on to write new scripts.

Ewan McGregor is still very much on board for the series, which was originally believed to be a six-episode arc (later on rumored to be cut down to 4). He had spoken very highly of the project, calling the scripts “excellent.”

As far as we know (according to The Hollywood Reporter as of 10 minutes ago), Debroah Chow (“The Mandalorian”) is still on board to helm the show.

If you’ll recall, there have been rumors for years about some kind of film or mini series all about the grouchy wizard in the Tattooine desert, Old Ben Kenobi.

We’ll let you know what else we hear about this project.

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