Here is a fantastic gallery of Disney Princesses/Ladies dressed in their male counterpart’s outfits from DeviantArt user Ogo:bh73xfttpumm2hpplgdj ckmwzj1toi2gv45kryf5 disney_outfit_swap_6__tinkerbell___homie_by_zenith_nadir69-d7l3xzb nxco7cwntzmhkpf53lyv puwjcykdk2h4a6z4lsut rel3vymgms5wnotmowyb ucq5gefofwsh0awktppi xyxecpcupjvgnaye0el8

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  • BIO >> Mary Anne Butler (Mab) is a reporter and photographer from San Francisco California. She is a lifelong geek, huge music nerd, occasionally cosplays at conventions, does Renaissance Faires, and in general lives the life of a True Believer. She may be short, but she makes up for it with a loud voice.
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