Ani-Mia has been dragged into freezing cold temps for our Ghostbuster shoot where she bared her midriff, to when we dragged her out to Coney Island in tons of layers during the height of the summer heat for our Harley Quinn Shoot. And the girl never complained.

The vision behind this beautiful gallery is photographer Brian Maze. Maze Studios is one our main photographers and already has some incredible sets up on our site including a Super Sonico, Wonder Woman (bikini) and Nightwing (Gender Bender). Maze has worked with both big and smaller names but no matter the level of Cos-Famous the individual is he always gives them a beautiful gallery to go home with. So if you are a cosplayer be sure to check out Maze Studios and potentially book a shoot with him. You never know it might end up featured on our site as a result!

Model: Ani-Mia  / Photographer: Brian Maze

Q: How long have you been cosplaying / what was your first cosplay?
A: I started cosplaying when I was10 years old, I dressed up as was from the anime Shuffle.

Q: What Cosplay are you most known for:
A: Zatanna

Q: What attracted you to cosplay as Leetah from Elfquest?
A: Elfquest was the first comic series that  I read all the way through, and I have always loved character. She was the healer, the empath of her tribe. She was a loving and compassionate character.

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