“Swear to God Snake, I thought you were dead…”

“Yeah, you and everybody else!”

If you recognize these lines, chances are you’ve seen the classic John Carpenter’s Escape From New York starring Kurt Russell from 1981.  The film is set in a then near-future 1997 in a crime-ridden United States that has converted Manhattan Island (in NYC) into a maximum security prison. Ex-soldier Snake Plissken (Kurt Russell) is given 22 hours to find the President of the United States (Donald Pleasence), who has been captured by prisoners after the crash of Air Force One.  Chalked full of some of the best one-liners, it achieved cult-classic status.

Deadline announced today the long awaited legal battle for the ‘reboot’ film rights was finally awarded today to movie giant 20th Century Fox. Deadline goes on to state there is no (current) script, and any previous rumored plans for this reboot were simply not true.

If Tom Hardy wasn’t fronting George Miller’s new Mad Max, I’d totally want to see him as Snake Plissken.  Expect both a fancasting post from us as well as more news as this story furthers.  No word on a return of Kurt Russell.

Bob Hauk: You going to kill me, Snake?

Snake Plissken: Not now, I’m too tired.  *pause*  Maybe later.

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