This past weekend was WonderCon convention in Anahiem.  One of the shows offering pressroom opportunities was TNT’s surprise hit series Falling Skies.  I’ll admit, I didn’t watch the show until about midway through it’s first season, mostly because I HADN’T HEARD OF IT.   But as soon as I caught up with it, I was hooked.  I LOVE Noah Wyle, his made-for-tv-movie series The Librarian is phenominal, and I wish they would have done a full show about it, but then it would be in direct competition to Warehouse 13.  I like to think they’re both in the same Fringe division.  See what I did there?

But Falling Skies is a series built on the premise much like Defiance “what if the Earth was invaded by Aliens, and we didn’t win?”  There aren’t ENOUGH things that have the ‘big bad’ win in my opinion, but this is one of the few that work.  The first season there is this HUGE feeling (like in Walking Dead) of ‘there is no way this group of humans will ever survive or manage to get back at the invaders’.  Spoiler:  THEY DO.

Here is the video TNT released at the con:

If you haven’t watched the series and enjoy good science fiction television, I highly suggest you should.  The fourth season returns to the air on June 22nd, 2014.

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