Revelation Online has released a new trailer for it’s seamless open world gameplay. The trailer is composed entirely of in-game footage, shown through a breathtaking fly through of all the areas of the game.

This new footage follows last week’s reveal of the lore that sets the background of the land of Nuanor, and this game is looking more and more promising to MMO fans everywhere. Later this year players will be able to explore the diverse landscapes, ancient temple complexes, and treacherous cliffs that make up the background of this epic story.

Revelation Online is shaping up to be a breathtakingly Massive Online Multiplayer in which each player will be able to explore every lovely aspect of the land of Nuanor. It’s a land filled with ancient mysteries to uncover in a vibrant world filled with player interaction. Players will also be able to use the power of flight to experience the absolute freedom of this game’s landscape. There are no restrictions on flight in-game, and you will be able to fly with your friends, as well as use the power of your wings in aerial combat.

The game is designed to maximize the MMO experience, each player will be able to participate in raids with up to 20 players against challenging bosses. The elaborate Guild System allows cross server guild battles and personalized guild fortresses. You will be able to discover hundreds of stunning locations with different settings and dynamically changing weather conditions, as well as play through hundreds of story driven adventures with some rather spectacular cut scenes.

Revelation Online has a delightfully wide variety of character customization and progression (which I personally find to be essential in any good MMO game), as well as intense PvP battles with hundreds of players simultaneously. But if you don’t feel like fighting the world, they have also included advanced socialization systems for you to build relationships with new allies.

Guys, this game looks gorgeous. I’m not usually one to play MMO’s in general (because I hate playing with other people) but this is so pretty, that I’d be more than willing to give it a shot. The developer NetEase and publisher have outdone themselves with the look of this game.

To sign up for the Revelation Online Beta today, visit their website and check back with us for new information as it becomes available.

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