Here we are again Aggressive Comix family, Turkey Day looming larger than your holiday eating pants. That means one of three things for us here at Aggressive Comix:

1) Excitement about the food
2) Excitement about the nap after the food
3) Black Friday sales/deals/gift ideas

Sure, that makes us sound like Hobbits.  But really, where is the lie?  Anyhow, we thought we’d toss together the best and most interesting of our 2016 Black Friday gift options for any of you Aggressors who needed some extra ideas.

Something Different:

HawaiiCon is SO MUCH FUN

HawaiiCon 2017 Passes.

WHY:  We talk a lot about this particular con, and with good reason. When you have to decide between a vacation and a convention, why not both?  Imagine sitting by the pool (or beach if you like sand) enjoying your tasty adult beverage, and Darth Vader cannon balls into the water.  How about going nighttime manta ray diving with stars from your favorite sci fi series? Hula lessons with Jedi maybe?

How Much:  You can purchase 4 day passes RIGHT NOW for $129 on HawaiiCon’s eventbrite. Planning early is the key with this event, as the true large expense is the airfare.  The hotel blocks are also available for the September 14th-17th 2017 dates, The Mauna Lani has rates at $169 a night. (That’s WAY cheaper than SDCC guys)

For The Makeup Lover:

Espionage Cosmetics has their OWN gift guide on their website, as well as their own subscription boxes.

Geek Chic Cosmetics.  Their site is currently offline until Black Friday hits, but you can read about their deals here.

Storybook Cosmetics, who took the Potterverse by storm with their beautiful wand inspired makeup brushes.  They haven’t decided about restocking them yet after the crazy-fast sell out, but keep an eye on their instagram for updates.

think-geekA list of things from ThinkGeek.com: 


Star Trek bedroom set, for when the Number One in your life wants to engage in cuddles.

For the Jedi who has everything
For the Jedi who has everything

Wampa rug, for sexy Dune Sea play time on your way to the pit of Sarlacc

Mmm, that's terrific dragon!
Mmm, that’s terrific dragon!

Dragon Meat.

For the Car:


Made the Kessel Run in 12 parsecs
Made the Kessel Run in 12 parsecs

Millenium Falcon sunshade from Amazon



Witness the power of this fully opperational LEGO nightmare
Witness the power of this fully opperational LEGO nightmare

The FUCKING Death Star.

ANYTHING from ThisIsWhyImBroke‘s Star Wars section, but specifically the Stormtrooper decanter (which is on backorder til January now, BOOOOO)

Game of Thrones Fans:

Turn your household throne into the Iron one.

Porcelain Iron Throne decal

Too soon?
Too soon?

Hodor doorstop.  No, we’re STILL not over it.

Movies, TV:

The X Files complete series blu ray box set, Amazon: $172.93

Alfred Hitchcock Masterpiece blu ray collection, Amazon: $107

The Twilight Zone complete series blu ray collection, Amazon $291

Star Trek: The Original Series blu ray set, Amazon $56

Star Trek: Next Generation complete series blu ray set, Amazon $115-$200

Battlestar Galactica (reimagined) complete series blu ray set, Amazon $160

Outlander Season 1 collection blu ray set, Amazon $94

Outlander Season 2 collection blu ray set, Amazon $74

Constantine The Complete Series blu ray, Amazon $32




*magical poot*
*magical poot*

Bag of Unicorn farts!!  (It’s actually just cotton candy, but if this product offends you, don’t read any further.)

This thing.

This spectacular ornament, PLEASE READ THE REVIEWS.

Yup, this exists.
Yup, this exists.

Bag o Dicks, for that special jerk in your life. BONUS: Add glitter bombs, and/or confetti


Anything from GeekySexToys.  No really, if you know your partner’s favorite fandom, you can find them a toy to tickle their…..uh, fancy.

Do YOU have a fantastic gift idea we didn’t include?  Let us know in the comments, and we’ll include it!

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