If you are a Batman fan and aren’t watching Fox’s Gotham, you should probably fix that, and soon.  The series is crafted like a live action Batman: The Animated Series, but centers around the very early post-parental murder days of Bruce Wayne.  And also, the origins of the best villainous rogues gallery in the comicbook world.


Long rumored to be appearing in the show, it looks like we will indeed be seeing Victor Freeze, scientist and uber romantic Mr. Freeze.  (You may recall he was originally named Mr. Zero in the comics, and later changed names in BTAS.  Nathan Darrow (House of Cards) will be picking up the ice gun, and TVLine reports he’ll be introduced in a two-part storyline in episodes 12 and 13, set to air in FROSTY December.

Official character description from FOX reads:

“Though ferociously smart and eminently capable in his work as one of Gotham’s preeminent cryogenics engineers, Victor struggles to make meaningful connections with others. The one exception is his wife, Nora (casting TBA), who has tragically fallen ill with a terminal disease. Victor’s love for Nora knows no bounds, so as her condition worsens, he goes to extreme measures to figure out a way to freeze her before she dies. This harrowing journey leads to his transformation into the legendary DC villain, Mr. Freeze.”

Guess it’s time to catch up on the series, huh?  Gotham airs Monday night on FOX, check local listings for times.

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