inFamous 2 was quite possibly one of the best things to happen to the PS3, and that trend looks to continue in inFamous: Second Son. Lightning takes a back seat to some cool new fire powers to suit the new protagonist, Delsin, in a ¬†world that takes place seven years after the events of inFamous 2. Just like before, Delsin’s (and by proxy, your) decisions will ultimately affect what abilities can be accessed and how the story plays out.


ABOUT >> Ray Allaire
  • ACCOUNT NAME >> The Reasonable Gamer
  • BIO >> Ray tries his best to bring some calm to the conversation, despite the fact that moderate voices are often uninteresting. It is not uncommon to find him at the bar, slightly slurring as he breaks down Star Trek technology between sips of rye whiskey.
  • CONTACT >>

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