Scientists have recently made important strides in the development of quantum computers, namely, they have discovered a way to make light protons behave as if they are solid.

*actually froths at mouth*


In this paper released through Nature (a peer-reviewed journal), scientists detail how they used a vacuum chamber, along with laser beams and rubidium atoms cooled to a frosty, close to absolute zero temperature to force light protons to behave very differently from their typical selves. These photons the particles that make up light, therefore it is mostly massless, making it was previously impossible to recreate the effect of the all important “szhooom znn znnn” sound and bounce impact of a light saber.

This also explains why previous attempts at building lightsabers have been unsuccessful in terms of creating that blade contact effect. There have been some honorable mentions in terms of some homemade devices that can ACTUALLY CUT and light things on fire or Wicked LasersLaserSaber, who brought Dr. Evil’s plans of sharks with lasers into fruition.

The website also mentions that this is in fact, not a toy, and you must wear shades to protect your eyeballs. I CALL BULLOCKS.

So in summary…….yes, there have been great advancements made for building computers capable of handling even higher power levels than the current microprocessors..

BUT MORE IMPORTANTLY, this opens the possibility of creating legitimate lightsabers that you can actually fight and bounce light blades off of! While conditions that surround recreating a lightsaber is extremely complex and probably far too expensive to be conceivable at the current moment, this successful experiment means that one day in a time not so far, far, away, we will be able to wield LIGHTSABERS.

*throws confetti*

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