When you go to see Mad Max you better strap on in hold on tight because this is a high octane joy right that fires on all cylinders. It hits the ground running with in your face action and does not quit. Tired of the car puns yet well I’m just getting started as I peel out the gate with this review.

The film really does deliver on all fronts. It gives the feel of what the 80’s films excelled at, which was incredible action with a simple plot line and minimal dialogue. I am pretty sure the script for this film was no less than 20 pages. A few grunts here some words there boom film but did I feel ever like I was lacking a plot no. Did it seemed forced No. It was just perfection.

The way the film was shot was beautiful. It used color scale and tone to really set the mood of the film as well. It was not like how most summer block busters are where they go ok its going to be 1 tone the whole film and we stick with it. This jumped from off the chart reds to deep dark blues to rich natural tones. It was gritty without having to drop the color scale to 0. The one thing i found hilarious is that apparently our boy (Forget the actor’s name) Loves to wear face masks from bane to max he has had to wear a mask as these characters. This film is going to set the tone for many films to come. The camera work, the choreography just ugh titty confetti everywhere.

If you want to understand plot:

So the film basically is about Charlize Theron, she’s the lead role and Max is just along for the ride. He isn’t trivial by any means but this is her journey. She basically decides on her path to get guzzeline for her citadel that she is going to abandon ship as she has stolen a group of girls and get them to the green place. The world as it stands is split into basically 3 groups: you got the water group, the guzzeline folks, and the fire arms. Because you need water for life, gas to get you from place to place and fire arms because Austrailia.

As we’ve said in our previous review, GO SEE IT, SEE IT OFTEN.

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