1357386-marvel_digital_comics_unlimited_large¬†Formerly MDCU, Marvel Unlimited has just launched for iPhone and iPad. “Huh-wha,” you ask? Basically $10 a month gets you access to around 13,000 back issues from Marvel that you can read, store for offline reading, and access via your iOS devices in a Spotify-like manner. Jump on the offer now and you save 50% ($5 a month, Mathletes).

Early reviews are not that kind. “Slow interface.” “Reading lag.” Plus right now you can only save about 6 issues in your library which, let’s be fair, you can burn through sitting on the toilet. Touted as “Phase 1” by the¬†SVP of Marvel Digital Peter Phillips, there is a plan in place to perfect it by the end of 2013.

Considering I’m about to fill up a SD card with all the back issues I have yet to get through, a streaming/cloud based service might be a viable option.

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