Valentine’s Day is quickly approaching and I’m super last minute per usual.  The hubs and I don’t typically do a gift exchange, due the the fact that I wanted to be the “cool” girlfriend during the early days of our relationship. Here we are almost 10 years later and I’m still “cool” with it, no really I am…

Most likely your girl is not, trust me on this one.

Below I have compiled a list of some super cool gifts for your nerdy girl or guy and some fun ones you can  both enjoy.


Lat/Long Pendants

Nothing says Valentines Day like a super sentimental gooshy present, oh and jewelry. Whether she’s nerdy or not, this always works. This  Latitude/Longitude Pendant  from uncommon goods is not only super cute but you get extra points because it requires you to remember a significant point in your relationship. Where was your first date? Your first kiss? Where did you propose? (Don’t remember? Shame on you, ask her best friend!)



Talk Nerdy to Me

talk nerdy
Talk Nerdy To Me Shirt

When jewelry won’t do, you can’t go wrong with clothes. You can however,  go wrong by picking a size that’s too big, so remember, sneak into her closet, check out the sizes and choose wisely. Your happiness can and will depend on it. Also do yourself a favor and order this Teepublic Design in the Woman’s Dolman Tri-Blend T-Shirt style or the Tank Top style pictured. Do not, I repeat DO NOT, order any other boxy men’s style shirt! It will not fit right and it will end up in the drawer of shirts she maybe, sometimes wears to bed.

driod bouquet
Driod Bouquet

I won’t speak for all woman when I say this, but I’m willing to bet I speak for most…I HATE GETTING FLOWERS! Because, they DIE! And with me, they die fast. Please for the love of all things holy, be more creative! Want to give a bouquet? Give this Driod Bouquet from the wonderful folks over at ThinkGeek. Definitely the Driods she’s been  looking for!


key to happiness'
Key to Happiness (Key Ring)

Although Amazon markets this key-chain as a motorcycle accessory, I saw it one day while browsing the “Interesting Finds” section (one of my favorite places to find gifts…it’s super fun…you should check it out…but I digress) I thought “Wow that would be the cutest way to give your lady a key to your place!” So if your in that super new, exciting, and scary place in  your relationship…say to hell with it and give her the key to happiness. It will be okay, I promise. Unless you just started dating last week, in which case DON’T DO IT, CREEPER!


love you, mean it
love you, mean it

Let’s face it, your girl loves her phone, probably not more than you, I hope. But you know she’s on it more than she’s listening to you talk about last night at Dungeons and Dragons…

So why not make sure that every time she picks it up, she thinks of you. This Love You, Mean It Phone Case was another Amazon Interesting Finds find . See I told you, pure gift giving gold!



The Lego My Legos Amazon Shop isn’t so much one gift as it is a place to find gifts. I stumbled upon this while, you guessed it, browsing Interesting Finds. Now I don’t know about you but I have spent countless hours rummaging through Lego blind bags at Target and Toys R Us with my husband. You know what I’m talking about, feeling the bags to find the one that “maybe feels” like a mermaid or going one step further to find out the specific bar-code for the sumo wrestler. Well Mr Ben C of Lego My Legos just might have that shark Lego you can never seem find. He has sooo many Legos! Check it out!

Wayne Smoker Jacket

This one is as much for her at it is for him. I don’t know a girl alive who wouldn’t want to sit next to her guy on the couch in this Bruce Wayne Smoking Jacket! The only thing that could possibly be better is sitting next to Bruce Wayne himself. Don’t get me wrong, I wouldn’t mind sitting next to my man in a Batman Suit either but in the swagger department, I’ll take Bruce any day, any time. Extra points if you buy yourself this sexy Batgirl robe, or really any comic lady costume should do the trick…

Pixel Heart Mug

If I’ve learned anything from watching and playing video games, it’s that you can’t beat the boss and save the princess without full health. In the gaming world that usually means a nice big red heart, so get your man this Pixel Heart Heat Changing Mug from Thinkgeek and turn that cold black heart warm and red. You know by adding coffee, also the way to my heart.

Whiskey Coffee Beans

Speaking of coffee, maybe it’s the way to his heart too! Or maybe it’s whisky? Maybe both? Introducing Whisky Barrel Coffee. It’s genius! Or crazy…let your man be the judge. Combine a whisky bottle full of coffee beans with the above mentioned cup and pat yourself on the back girl. You’re done!

cookie cutters
cookie cutters

Any good mother worth her stuff taught us that the way to a man’s heart is through his stomach. How about we add a few Marvel Comic Heroes to it and really up the ante on the way to your nerdy boys heart. *This gift will actually involve some baking girls* No guy and I mean NO GUY wants to receive a set of cookie cutters.


“I Love You”…”I Know”

If there was ever a nerd love anthem, this would be it.  Display your love for all to see with Han and Leia Hand Towels. The minds at Thinkgeek are always spot on!

keeper catcher
keeper catcher

I wouldn’t dream of  writing  a nerd gift giving guide without Harry Potter! In my opinion, the best fandom there ever was. (hey you can love what you love and I’ll love what I love) But we all have to agree that this Keeper/Catcher Mug Set is great! That’s right baby, you’re a keeper! You gotta love Amazon Handmade!

I hope you all have a wonderful Valentine’s Day full of awesomely nerdy gifts. I’ll be over here, not exchanging gifts….

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