With the announcement of The Splat network everyone is excited to see what will come from it.  Currently we know the following shows will be featured Aaahh!!! Real MonstersAll ThatAngry BeaversAre You Afraid of the Dark?As Told By GingerCatDogClarissa Explains it AllDougGUTSHey ArnoldHey DudeKenan & KelLegends of the Hidden TempleRen & StimpyRocket PowerRocko’s Modern LifeRugratsSalute Your ShortsThe Adventures of Pete & PeteThe Wild Thornberrys, and You Can’t Do That On Television.

During NYCC we were lucky enough to sit down with a few of the original cast members and ask them some questions. The first interview was with Danny Tamberelli and Lori Beth Denberg. Where they let us in on some details about the original series and where they found their inspiration. You can see the full interview below.

Next we had a chance to sit with Kel Mitchell and Josh Server and ask them even more questions. The ones that really struck a chord was when we asked what they thought about bring back All That with the original cast and marketing it to the audience that grew up watching them in the past. There reaction would shock you. Especially considering it seemed like no one had thought to think about that in the past!

So we decided to start up a petition page to see if we can get enough signatures to get All That back on the air for at least 1 more episode with the original cast! Follow the link below to sign up!

Bring Back All That!

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