Oded FehrI am still searching for confirmation on this casting story, but here is the official Comic Con shown trailer for season 3 of The CW’s Arrow, showing that the upcoming bigbad for Oliver Queen and his friends to face along with the casting rumor as to who will be donning the high collared jacket and control of the League of Shadows.

This was the trailer shown during the panel:


Now, I dunno about you, but I would freaking love this rumor to be true, because Oded Fehr is amazing.  Since he WON’T be playing Prince Doran of Dorne in upcoming seasons of Game Of Thrones (he was one of my top picks, but the role went to my second choice, Alexander Siddig), and he probably won’t be playing Doctor Strange in any Marvel films (this is widely rumored to be Johnny Depp, Benedict Cumberbatch, ect).

The Movie News Hound has also reported that the Mummy star Oded Fehr is in talks to be Ra’s Al Ghul in Arrow Season 3, and KDRamastars is reporting this as a done deal.  I guess we’ll see, but for once, I’m totally ok with this casting rumor.

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