When it was first announced that Emmy winning composer Bear McCreary would be the man behind the Outlander score, there was much kilted rejoicing.  No stranger to teaming up with show runner Ron D. Moore (Battlestar Galactica), McCreary has used both Uilleann and bagpipes in multiple projects, but none so fitting as Outlander.

Based on the widely popular and much beloved historical fiction series by author Diana GabaldonOutlander follows the journey of time traveling nurse/doctor Claire Randall Fraser.  She unknowingly stumbles into a stone circle portal while gathering wildflowers in the Scottish Highlands, and finds herself transported almost 200 years to the Jacobean past.  She finds friendship, love, and enemies while trying to survive and find a way back to her time.

Bear McCreary plays at SDCC '14 for the world premiere of "Outlander"
Bear McCreary plays at SDCC ’14 for the world premiere of “Outlander”

Here is our first aural glimpse of the season 1 (part 1) soundtrack album from Bear.  The piece is “The Woman Of Balnain”, and thanks to People Magazine:

“It was actually the first piece of music I ever composed for the series.  This song tells the story of a woman who traveled mysteriously through standing stones, just as Claire experienced. This revelation gives Claire her first glimpse of hope that she might find a way home,” People has quoted McCreary as saying.

We ALSO got a taste of another piece from Yahoo.  They posted “Castle Leoch”:

The rest of the album is just as important to the story as watching the series. So many of the pieces fans can expect to hear encompass the character emotions, “The Dance of The Druids” springs to mind immediately.  I mean come on, how rare is it for a song on a show (or a movie, for that matter) to complete a moment like this?  It’s the track I’ve been most looking forward to, my first viewing of this particular scene with the audio left me covered in goosebumps, exactly the reaction I wanted to have as a fan of the books.

#Droughtlander ends, and Outlander returns April 4 on Starz.  The fantastic album from Bear McCreary is available on Amazon and iTunes.

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