On the back of select DC Comics on sale today, editor Eddie Berganza has given fans a taste of what the updated Power Girl will look like, and she looks wonderful!

Tanya Spears, the NEW Power Girl
Tanya Spears, the NEW Power Girl

Direct from DC Comic’s official press release:

First appearing last May in WORLD’S FINEST #23, Tanya was an intern for Starr Industries, run by Karen Starr-The Kryptonian Power Girl of Earth 2-but after an explosion in the lab that returned the original Power Girl to her world, Tanya awoke to find she’d inherited some new abilities.

New powers (and a huge check from her predecessor before she left) couldn’t make up for everything Tanya lost in her time at Starr. During an attack by Apokolips baddie Desaad, Tanya’s mother was murdered. Now the young hero wants to make sure she uses her powers to protect anyone else who could lose someone the way she lost her mother.

While she grew up in Boston, Tanya knew the best place to find heroes was New York City and that’s just where she found the Teen Titans. But the Titans weren’t quite the fit she expected, with disagreements, leadership challenges and in-fighting that led the new hero to realize maybe the Titans need a lot of work as a team.

Although Tanya’s still exporing her new abilities for now it looks like the new Power Girl can lift up to three tons and survive almost any physical assault thanks to super strength and invulnerability she received from the original Power girl. Only time will tell if Tanya’s powers will continue to grow.


As the dust settles from TEEN TITANS #7, Tanya will be faced with a choice between siding with the Titans or fighting against them in issue #8 (March) and ANNUAL #1 (April). To find out where she lands and how she’ll use her powers, you’ll wanna grab the newest issues of Teen Titans.

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