The upcoming reboot of Mighty Morphin Power Rangers has themselves a Zordon, and he’s no stranger to sporting a bald head! Emmy winning actor Bryan Cranston has just tweeted some pretty big news for any fans of the Power Rangers:

UPDATE, here is their Instagram post confirming the news:

The mighty #Zordon has officially been cast! Please welcome #BryanCranston to the #PowerRangersMovie – Coming in 2017.

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While this is far from an ‘official’ statement on the talented Breaking Bad actor, it should be noted that almost all the casting announcements for this film have been done via the movie’s official instagram account.

The most recent post from the upcoming reboot film of the classic Saban mech live action series included the new uniforms:

The upcoming Lionsgate release has Ashley E. Miller and his writing partner Zack Stentz (Thor, X-Men: First Class)  penning the script, and Dean Israelite is on board as director for his second feature film.

The first Power Rangers TV series aired waaaaay back in 1993, and the first film opened in 1995.  The franchise has known life as no less than 7  tv series, pretty impressive when you think about it.  That’s not even counting the AMAZING fanfilm from 2015 featuring Katee Sackhoff (Battlestar Galactica, Longmire) as The Pink Ranger in a dark tale of revenge.

Previous casting announcements have included Elizabeth Banks as familiar baddie Rita Repulsa, as well as the complete ‘Ranger crew.  Naomi Scott will be Kimberly/The Pink Ranger, Becky G. is Trini/The Yellow Ranger, RK Cyler is Billy/The Blue Ranger, Ludi Lin is Zack/The Black Ranger, and Dacre Montgomery as Jason/The Red Ranger.


Assumptions have been made as to what type of story we can expect to see from Miller/Stentz, including but not limited to complete universe reboot.  But of course, that wouldn’t be completely accurate with the addition(s) of Rita Repulsa and Zordon.  Might this mean Alpha too?  One can only hope.

Preliminary release dates have the film set to open on March 24th, 2017 (my birthday).

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