Power Rangers was a worldwide phenomenon when I was growing up, and I’m sure that’s true for many of you readers, too.  A series that mixed the teenage happenings of Saved By The Bell and the legacy of Hong Kong action films with the giant Mechs of so many animes, Power Rangers set the tone for what live action series could be and do.

When the reboot was announced, we were mostly surprised.  With the hit of Pacific Rim, it seemed like a new take on giant zords fighting aliens was good enough, but of course everyone wants to retell stories at this point.  Enter, Power Rangers 2017.

Universal Studios released the second trailer for the film today, and it features our first look at the Rangers’ boss, Zordon (played this time by
s Bryan Cranston) and his assistant droid, Alpha (played this time by Patton Oswalt):

Other than some poorly written dialog, we ALSO get our first view of the Megazord complete and in action! I almost like the first trailer better, this one feels far too much like your typical teen coming of age film, albeit with better special effects.

The cast is pretty much all newcomers for the Rangers, which is a good choice if the plan is to launch a new franchise with the team. That way, audiences become more accustom to this group rather than the classic morphin’ teens.

I am still the most excited about the casting of Elizabeth Banks as baddie Rita Repulsa, and the ongoing unconfirmed rumor that she was a Ranger who went rogue. The reasoning for this being her suit looks suspiciously like the armor of the others, but green. And fans of the original series know the Green Ranger’s history of being a flip flopping character.

Power Rangers opens worldwide on March 24th, 2017.

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