The Power Rangers influenced many of my life decisions. The original reason for joining Tae Kwon Do was because all I wanted to do was fight Putty Patrol with my super cool moves, maybe even scream a prehistoric/mythical creature name or two. I definitely remember almost peeing myself in the movie theater because of my refusal to leave before the epic conclusion between the rangers and Ivan Ooze. Also, Tommy and Kimberly may be the reason why I have such strange expectations for all my relationships, evil red, glow-y eyes and all. Very healthy stuff.

Spirit animal’s final form: PUTTY PATROL CLOWN

Therefore, you can see how with each rumor and/or confirmation that comes out about the new Power Rangers movie reboot, my anticipation for this movie only grows. Whether that anticipation is excitement or an anxious bundle of nervous, has yet to be decided. I am sure Lionsgate or Harim Saban feels a tremendous amount of pressure with rebooting this movie, especially when it comes to translating more campy elements of the series for our contemporary minds. Well, here are some things we gathered to help ease your mind

With the number of times a zord appears, you would think their collateral damage costs would be higher than the Avengers.
With the number of times a zord appears, you can imagine that their collateral damage costs would be higher than the Avengers.

….or maybe not?

In an understandable but rather disappointing move by Roberto Orci, the executive producer is no longer able to fulfill his duties due to scheduling conflicts with Star Trek 3 and has stepped down. Orci had taken over Star Trek series from J.J. Abrams and this will be his first debut in director seat. He has been a writer and executive producer for titles such as Transformers, Star Trek, and Watchmen (which is why the faith *sobs*).

Rita is not pleased.

The movie is still set to premiere worldwide on July 22, 2016 and nothing has changed with the screenwriters, X-Men: First Class’ Ashley Miller and Zack Stentz.

The reboot is going to be a modern reinvention of the original Mighty Morphin’ Power Rangers: The Movie (1995),  and in more positive news, will feature the indomitable Jason David Frank. However not as Tommy Oliver, but as a sort of mentor for the new teenage fighting force under Zordon’s orders OR MAYBE EVEN AS ZORDON?!?!

Another awesome detail? The reboot is going to be based around the original five chosen to protect Earth from the recently released Rita Repulsa. Rumors have been flying around with’s fantasy cast being thrown around like fact. This being said, one rumor that I am dying for them to confirm is who Kimberly Hart will be recast as…fingers crossed, CHLOE GRACE MORETZ or the actress who completely embodied Hit Girl in Kickass and Kickass 2. No definite confirmations, however there are definitely feelers out to Ms. Moretz, which takes a bit of the sting out of Orci’s resignation. Other speculations on possibilities for rest of the cast include Jamie Chung as Trini, Liam Hemsworth as the man in red, and Meryl Streep as Rita Repulsa. Please Lionsgate, give us something..anything……

“Teleport to us five overbearing and over-emotional humans” “NO, NOT THAT! Not..TEENAGERS!”

Again, the film is set to premiere in theaters on July 22, 2016, about TWENTY ONE years after the original movie, and is brought to you by Lionsgate and Saban. THANK YOU 90’s NOSTALGIA FOR ALL THE FEELS…now who is going to bring their morphers and hum that magical Dragonzord tune?

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