Couldn’t make it to SDCC this year? I’ve got a possible solution for you. Rather, Stan Lee has a solution for you! Comikaze started last year to unusually high fanfare, so much so that Stan Lee himself approached the owners and is now one of the key hosts, alongside the mistress of horror, Elvira, but that’s not the important part, we are. Yes, your friends (see: us) here at Aggressive Comix are so totally going to be there so hard it’ll hurt your face. And you should come see us.

       Forget that Stan Lee, Kevin Smith, Todd McFarland and Adam West will be there. Ignore Felicia Day and Norman Reedus. Breeze right past Mark Hamill, Tara Strong, Adrianne Curry, and any of the other attractive faces/voices you might see and beeline right for our booth-full-of-sexiness, complete with stuff to buy (Ancient Dreams and Southern Nightgown, to name a few), people to see, creators to meet (JP Roth, for instance)

Ancient Dreams J.P. Roth

and rad people including Liz Katz,

Oh right and myself.

That’s totally not me, on the right there. I’m the other one.


I’ll be walking about as much as possible trying to find you fine folks and I totally want to meet you! We’ll take pictures and I’ll magically make your faces appear on this fancy device I found called the “internet!”  Come in a costume! Come with your friends! Come as just your sexy-ass-self, I don’t care, and find our booth or find me and we can be friends, I promise!

Here’s some info for you. Use it well.

Tickets are so totally available here, and are totally reasonably priced. Check out the list of guests here. Hopefully we’ll see you there, yes?

ABOUT >> Ray Allaire
  • ACCOUNT NAME >> The Reasonable Gamer
  • BIO >> Ray tries his best to bring some calm to the conversation, despite the fact that moderate voices are often uninteresting. It is not uncommon to find him at the bar, slightly slurring as he breaks down Star Trek technology between sips of rye whiskey.
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