So yesterday was an eagerly awaited day for all you PS Vita owners out there: The day that they finally turn on PSone compatibility for your not-as-rad-as-hoped-but-soon-to-be-rad device. I downloaded the update myself and…

I can’t put any PS1 games on it. So maybe mine updated wrong.

Oh wait, no it didn’t, the list of games available, as it turns out, is nine games long. Let that sink in.

Nine. Games.


Needless to say, it was a trying hour for being a Sony fan. I guess it’s got something to do with licensing those games for the Vita, or perhaps with bugfixing. SCEA says that they’ll be adding more games every week, supposedly, so that’s some solace. Add to that the fact that the SCEE (European) list of compatible games is SIGNIFICANTLY longer, and you have a recipe for “Why the Fuck Can’t We Play Those Games Too?” stew.

Fear not, though! I have a solution for you! It may not work perfectly… BUT if you really wanted to play any PS1 game you might own from the Playstation store I can help.

Jump on to your PS3 and start downloading any PS1 games you want on your Vita, but DON’T install them. Or if you DO install them, don’t delete the little bubble that usually remains when you do. Then if you connect your Vita and use the content manager BLAMO! They’ll all be there and theoretically working once your transfer them in.

The update also lets you use buttons to control the main menu, a welcome option for those with a fingerprint phobia, and use the Vita as a controller on the PS3 for certain games, but no one cares about all that when we can be playing Cool Boarders 2 on our Vitas, now do we?


And also, because I forgot, here’s the list of sanctioned games by SCEA:

-Final Fantasy VII

-Cool Boarders 2

-Hot Shots Golf 2

-Arc the Lad

-Jet Moto

-Syphon Filter

-Tomb Raider

-Twisted Metal 2

-Wild Arms

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