Ban presto presents to you, a rather extensive and terrific box set of Sailor Moon transforming compacts. This item is perfect for every Sailor Moon fan who finds themselves fighting evil by moonlight, or winning love by daylight!

Sailor Moon continues to be a tremendous corner stone in Manga and Anime since way back in 1991. It happens to be the first Shojo title ever to achieve mainstream success in the United States.

Nobody can argue that Sailor Moon and her Sailor scouts are some of the most recognizable and incredibly important female superheroes of all time. As westerners, it was perhaps the first Anime many of us at Aggressive Comix had ever been exposed to. For that, we will always fondly remember Princess Serena, the scouts, Tuxedo Mask and their fight against Queen Beryl and the forces of evil.

This transforming compact box set is truly the ultimate Sailor Moon accessory kit. It certainly is the perfect item for old fans, new fans, collectors and also cosplayers, who need that final item to tie their outfit together. Literally ever compact Serena has used to transform herself from “meatball head” to lunar warrior of truth and love, through the course of her long and storied history is here and in this all inclusive box set. Included you will find; the Brooch from the first season, the Crystal star compact, the Cosmic Heart compact, the Crisis compact, and the Chibi Moon’s Super S compact. When they are in the closed position, each of these five compacts measure in at approximately 2 inches. With these in your grasp, all that is left is to go out and find who you are going to punish in the name of the moon.

The set will only cost you $29.99 before shipping and handling and can be purchased through our friends at Entertainment Earth, here.

Sailor Moon Compact

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