’90s kids listen up! Paramount Players (a newer division of Paramount Pictures) has announced they are moving forward with a film adaptation of Nickeldeon’s Are You Afraid of the Dark.

IT screenwriter Gary Dauberman will be working on the project, along with producer Matt Kaplan (They Came Together, Lazarus Effect).


(I swear I still get chills from that intro)

“Created by D.J. MacHale and Ned Kandel, the 1990s anthology series was set around a group of kids who called themselves the Midnight Society and would tell various scary stories, some of which were based on fairytales and urban legends but with an added modern twist,” says Variety.

Are You Afraid of the Dark ran from 1992-1996 in the U.S. and was rebooted in 1999 for one season, with new writers and cast. Ross Hull, who played Gary, made a special appearance in the series finale.

“The Tale of the Lonely Ghost” – season 1 episode 3

Although I was born the year the show premiered, I got to catch it at its tail end and religiously watch re-runs. I was probably way too young to watch it and understand a few of the pretty intense lessons that would pop up every so often, but I’m so happy I did. I’m hoping for an anthology film, or a few interlocking plot lines.

Also,  Are You Afraid of the Dark >>>> Goosebumps

What does everyone think?! Is there hope for this cult-classic Nick show to get the modern take it deserves?


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