Daredevil on netflix we all know is awesome! BUT it made us think… What would we like to see also show up on Netflix?

We already know that Luke Cage and Legend of Zelda are getting their own series BUT WHAT does our nerd hearts want? WHAT will tickle our pickle? WHAT… else can I say after what… ok enough of that lets get to it!

6.) Mortal Kombat

Mortal Kombat is a series that EVERYONE know and everyone loves. A long time ago they tried making a Mortal Kombat series and it was well terrible. Machinima even tried coming out with a YouTube series. Season 1 of the series was AWESOME! But once they added more to the budget it seemed like that series just fell apart. I would not want this to be a long running show that would last for like 5 seasons but 1 season of really good 13 episodes.

Admit it! That would make you dance!


5.) Tales from the Crypt


Tales from the Crypt was an AMAZING show back in the day. AND WE DO NOT want to see a re-boot. I want the original puppet of creepy. I just want new episodes that can get away with basically ANYTHING. Imagine the creep factor and the level of gore you could get from this show appearing on Netflix? Am I saying the original show was weak… Hell NO. That show was amazing and still creeps me out, but just imagine the return of this show on a no censored platform like Netflix?

4.) Dick Tracy


I might be one of the few who still loved the original movie. I remember growing up on the cartoon and wanting to be Dick Tracy… Eventually when and if I ever buy the Apple Watch I will be able to pretend I am him. But enough about me and lets be honest with each other the only people who might still care about Dick are older individuals that grew up with the cartoon. While the cartoon was super cheesy… and sort of ultra racist…

joe_jitsu.gif.gif~c200 Go-Go Gomez (1)

You know that it could be cool to bring this to a series format.  Imagine a serious detective crime type drama set in like a Mad Men times? Hell get me Don Drapper to play a smooth talking Dick Tracy and turn this into a Pulp Comic where it is super stylized. Would be awesome!

3.) Spawn

spawnDo I really need to go into details on this? I mean we know we are not getting a movie anytime soon no matter HOW many times it is teased. But Spawn had a great HBO Cartoon so why not try rebooting it or continuing it?

2.) Constantine 


Constantine seems to be a show in constant struggle. Part of that HAS to be with the fact that the show is on network tv as opposed to on a cable type network. If it jumps ship/gets canceled and I for one suggest that it get moved to Netflix. This would give the show a MUCH darker feel and we would never even have to hear gossip news (even though it was BS) that he won’t drink, or smoke, or be bi-sexual. If it got approved for Netflix you know everyone would just think ooh this will be awesome! And while I for one enjoy the current show I do feel it lacks an edge to it. And we all know TV will NEVER push boundaries anymore.

1.) Punisher: War Journals 


Punisher never REALLY had a great shake. It was in the same time of the original Daredevil movie. Meaning that it was during a period when movie houses were all buying up comic book titles to try and strike while the iron was hot. While the Tom Jane version was good it was DEFINITELY not great.


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