the-last-of-us-dlcThe rumors appear to be true…and why wouldn’t they be after the release of Tomb Raider’s Definitive Edition. Sony and Naughty Dog are indeed getting ready to release a remastered PS4 version of The Last of Us.

The image below showed up this morning on the PlayStation Store’s web portal. No release date has been revealed, nor do we know for sure yet if Left Behind and other DLC is included. The title will be apparently priced at $59.99, and given the “Day 1 Digital” label seems slated for a retail release, also.

No idea how different the “Day 1 Digital” will be from the hard copy release as of right now.


Clicking the link in the story takes users to a “Page Not Found” message. This indicates that the banner advertisement actually went live early.

These accidental announcements are always a bit of fun. Most people already knew that The Last of Us would make its way to PS4 and frankly I’m glad. The Last of Us was one of the few games I completed and went back to complete again on the hardest difficulty. The multiplayer was even fun, addicting and well polished. It had the same flow of the game and actually made you angry when you died.

I would call out for vengeance every time an opposing player smashed my characters virtual face in with their boot. Not that many PS3 owners didn’t play it…but if you’re one of the few that hasn’t yet experienced The Last of Us (and you’ve picked up a PS4), it will soon be your time to do so.

[Source: PlayStation Store]

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