Sometimes it feels like December 18th is truly in a galaxy far far away.  Waiting for new Star Wars films has always been a right of passage for fans.  I mean how many years did A New Hope watchers have to wait for Empire?  So in context, I guess it isn’t all bad.

Not to mention, we’ve gotten some pretty fantastic first looks at stuff.  From the spectacular trailer released as Celebration that still brings tears to this scruffy nerf hearder’s eyes, to our first look at Domhnall Gleeson dressed in black, and even Harrison Ford piloting the Falcon, it’s good to be a Star Wars fan.

These two images come from Making Star Wars, and come with a little description of both:

“The first picture is Han Solo piloting the Falcon with Rey and Finn. This is where she discovers the green world for the first time.”



“The second photo is Domhnall Gleeson’s character ‘The General’ dispatching Captain Phasma after Finn because Kylo Ren can’t be everywhere at once.”


There was this rumored first look at Princess Leia from The Hashtag Show. But, we don’t think it looks like Carrie Fisher at all, more than likely just a test fitting for a screen costume.


Check out this shot of Greg Grunberg all suited up as a Rebel Pilot.  StarWars7News is calling him “The Son Of Porkins”.


Two more familiar faces are posted on their site too, Mon Calamari and Nien Nunb:

mon-calamari-star-wars sullustan-star-wars

Needless to say, we are really excited for Star Wars: The Force Awakens to hit theaters December 18th, 2015.

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