Arguably one of the best things to happen with the release of the 88 second teaser trailer for JJ Abrams’ upcoming Star Wars: The Force Awakens is the sheer amount of fan generated content.  From the 20 million variations of “Sith Army Knife” to really well done fake trailers, we’re enjoying the hell out of all of this.

If you haven’t seen the ACTUAL teaser trailer here it is:

Well, Youtube user Jonah Feingold thought it needed the Wes Anderson treatment.  The result is pretty spectacular, and made me hopeful Steve Zissou was looking for specimens somewhere on Dagobah:

Now, that lightsaber hilt crossguard piece there on what is now the most bad ass Sith-colored Claymore (totally the result of William Wallace and Darth Maul’s torrid love affair) alone has numerous images.

Here is the actual one

new lightsaber
And some of our favorite manips:






Pretty fantastic.  Man, we can’t wait for the full trailer come May 2015!

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