Like if we didn’t want to know any more news on this awesome movie (sarcasm). Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles 2 has casted Gary Anthony Williams as Bebop. Williams, for those unfamiliar, has appeared on such live-action television shows as Malcom in the Middle, Boston Legal, and Raising Hope over the years, but tends to do more voice-acting – on series like Mad (where he voices Optimus Prime, among others), Sherriff Callie’s Wild West, and The Boondocks (where he voices Uncle Ruckus, among other characters).  

As it goes this bad-ass hog dude will begin as a member of a gang later recruited by the Shredder who is played by Brian Tee. One thing I know for sure is, don’t expect awesome Animatronics, it’s more than likely going to be CGI. No other details have been released on exactly how these characters are going to fit in this story, but hey whatever you think it should be, it won’t.  Wonder who is going to be casted as Rocksteady? Shia Labeouf? 


For now let’s reminisce on these two characters who were first introduced in the cartoon series…..(doodl-oodl-oo doodl-oodl-oo)



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