I haven’t been this excited to watch a slew of saturday morning cartoons since the  days of Batman Beyond. But, I do have to admit, I was bit skeptical as to how well this was going to be put together. It starts out with the right amount of seriousness and goofiness you would expect from the TMNT.  In typical Mikey fashion, he’s seen goofing off with that lovable charm while he’s fighting Leo during training.  But after Leo gets the drop on Mikey and Raph beats Donny, we already see the rivalry between Raph and Leo grow.  After their quick training session, the title song comes in and every childhood memory I have of the TMNT comes flooding back.  With a hint of the old theme song, the new theme song is a newer take.  Despite the rapping, it gets me in the mood for some good old fashioned heroes in a half shell butt kicking.

  Even though they are highly trained ninja’s, keep in mind that they are only 15.  This provides for some great scenes. We see Leo quoting a cartoon he loves, Raph reading a comic book, and Mikey wanting to hear the same story of their origin he hears every year.  While exploring the surface world for the first time, they treat it as if they are in an amusement park.  They run from alleyway to alleyway, looking around every corner for adventure.  And of course, the first thing they discover is pizza!  In typical TMNT form, they scarfed down the pizza like it was their first time eating in a week.

  First outing ends pooorly as they come across some baddies.  They come to the rescue of a teenaged April O’Neil, who Donnie develops a crsih for right away.  It’s shown in the first fight that while they can fight well one-on-one, they still have alot to learn as  fighting as a group.

  Without giving too much away, it is definitely shown that this is for fans of the old turtles.  There is a decent mix of bad ass fighting and comedy. Between all the little mannerisms that are just too funny for words and constantly mocking each other, I highly recommend this show for anyone who has been a fan of the turtles for as long as i have.  I shall end this with a note to Michael Bay…Stay the hell away from our turtles!  This is how it’s done!

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