With the temperatures rising, our thoughts turn to frozen drinks, palm trees, and of course, the beach! Whether you are sitting by the pool with the latest issue of Marvel’s Civil War, or on the shore of some glorious island soaking up the sun, Tejnin’s Creations is EXACTLY what your body needs to express its fandom in the form of custom made bikinis of all shapes and sizes!

Shelby Eileen, owner of Tejnin’s Creations, saw a void for quality cosplay bikinis and filled it quite well by offering a range of items spanning across anime, video/PC games, comics, and TV/movies such as Attack on Titan, Dr. Who, My Little Pony and many many more!

The name of her store, based in Colorado, comes from a high school nickname has evolved into the trademark for Shelby’s completely chlorine-safe swimsuits. The idea was to showcase the inner super hero (or super villain!) inside of every woman and Shelby does a great job creating reinventions of all our favorite fandoms.

In order to get a proper feel of both the quality and the fit of Tejnin’s bikinis, Shelby was lovely enough to help me suit up in a World of Warcraft-inspired Sylvanas. After messaging over my bra size and bottom size, Shelby went to work on my Tejnin creation. Since receiving it, I have worn it for photos below, as well as the beach and a con or two! The material itself is soft but sturdy, while the print on the suit fit the character even if it is not immediately recognizable those who do not play the game. The print also did not fade despite multiple washings.

Sylv Sylv2 Sylv3If you do not have a butt like me, order a size down because it does pooch a little for me but it is primarily due to my lack of butt. It was super comfortable even when worn for long periods of time as well as the uniqueness of the character. The only thing I was a little disappointed with was that the back of my bikini bottom didn’t really have any design. Overall, Tejnin’s Creations provides great customer service, a quality product, and a unique way to show your fandom. The cost of most Tejnin bikinis are $69.99, while pricey, is well worth it!! Trust me, the quality along should sell you on it!

Kassandra Leigh was kind enough to make time in her schedule to help shoot a couple of shots of Sylvanas’ nautical wear and really highlight just how amazing this bikini can be for your next cosplay, a day out in the sun, or in this case, on top of icy, icy snow. I made a Sylvanas-esque cape to go along with the bikini that kept me super toasty.

Be sure to check out Tejnin’s Creations Etsy store or contact them through Facebook for your own AMAZING cosplay bikini.

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