As most of you know, yesterday was Force Friday and tons of great new items for The Force Awakens dropped at midnight. It was like a Black Friday for Star Wars fans everywhere with most Target and Toys R Us retailers across the country opening at midnight for the release. From new figures to LEGO sets and remote controlled toys, the BB-8 by Sphero is probably the most coveted. With work, I was unable to stay up and go shopping at midnight. But I was lucky enough to snag one online at and pick it up in-store later that day. (For a list of retailers that may have it near you, go to At a $149 price point I feel that this one is really geared to adults. The packaging is awesome and I think the intention was for those adults who are torn between leaving things boxed and tearing it open to play with. I actually considered buying two for this reason but with the amazing packaging there is really no need. It would be easy to re-box and still sell if you ever decide to part with it. His charging port looks awesome and lights up. You must download the app in order to control him. The app promises to release firmware updates and new features as the movie draws closer, and include new features once the film is released. They did this as to not give any spoilers. I’m really looking forward to what this little guy will do once new things are released. For now he is fun to control, a little difficult at first but gets easier with practice. The message feature is pretty fun. You can record a video of yourself and then replay it on your iPhone screen via the app Princess Leia style. It also has a feature that lets him “Patrol” to explore the room on his own. After time he can learn the perimeters and avoid walls and obstacles. I was really surprised at how durable this little droid was. I was afraid that crashing would incur damage. If his head pops off you can easily reattach it once you find the magnetic spot. Overall I really dig the BB-8. But I would not recommend it for small children or for use around pets. If you are in search of one for your kiddos, Hasbro produced an option that is much larger, lighter and does not require an iPhone to operate. At the $80 price point it is more affordable too. If you would like to see it unboxed and in action check out the videos below:

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