Bandai TamashiI Nations outdoes their previous work as usual! This time they have partnered with Marvel Comics to release this fantastic “Meisho Manga Realization” action figure. The hero they choose to give the Samurai treatment to this time, is none other then the Amazing Spider-Man! Samurai Spider-Man, Samurai Spider-Man! Does whatever…he has to do in order to serve his Shogun with honor and bravery…Ok so that is definitely not as catchy of a theme tune, but this action figure sure looks absolutely badass!

Marvel’s web-slinger is arguably Stan Lee and Steve Ditko’s most famous and universally beloved creation. Peter Parker first crawled onto the scene in the pages of Amazing Fantasy issue # 15, way back in 1962. In the over 50 years since his creation, our friendly neighborhood Spider-Man has become the crown jewel of Marvel’s incredible stable of comic book superheroes. He has starred in multiple long running comic book series, several cartoons, and (after Captain America: Civil War) 6 feature films. The 7th cinematic appearance of ole web-head is titled Spider-Man: Homecoming. It will star Civil War’s Tom Holland and will reportedly feature Batman’s Michael Keaton as the main baddie.

In case you ever wondered what kind of outfit Spider-Man would wear if he was defending the innocent in Feudal Japan, look no further then the latest “Meisho Manga Realization” figure, from Bandai Tamashii Nations. Designed by astoundingly talented sculptor Takeya, this Samurai Spider-Man features armor with an intricate weblike design, in place of his signature “underoos”. Also, his classic web shooters have been replaced by a kaginawa-styled grappling hook, which attach to his wrists. This amazing action figure is crafted from semi soft materials, which gives the piece it’s incredible articulation and allows for super, dynamic posing for display purposes (and play of course, you know you are gonna.)

The set includes 3 interchangeable hands, a Japanese Katana set, and a kaginawa grappling hook set, with parts for both wrists. Samurai Spider-Man measures just over 7 inches tall, is priced at $91.99 and includes free shipping. You can preorder your very own by following the link here and visiting Entertainment Earth.


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