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I do not consider myself a Browncoat even though I did enjoy the Firefly series when it was on the air.  I also enjoyed Terminator: The Sarah Connor ChroniclesDollhouse, Dark Angel, Fringe, Harsh Realm, Sliders, Terra Nova, and Alcatraz.   Fox network really does seems to have it out for the Sci Fi genre.  They greenlight these projects all the time, but never give them the proper time slot, or chance to build a ‘Following’.  (See what I did there, that’s a Fox lineup joke.)  I’m curious to see what happens with their upcoming Gotham series about a young Detective Jim Gordon and the formative years of the Dark Knight.

Almost Human starred Karl Urban and Michael Ealy as two cops, at least one a robot, who fought crime in the future. The freshman drama struggled in the ratings on Monday nights, where the last few episodes averaged about 5.6 million viewers and a mere 1.5 rating among adults 18-49 in the overnight numbers.

There have been various theories thrown out that the announcement of the fledgling series Almost Human came down the DAY executive producer of  AM JJ Abrams announced the cast list for his upcoming Star Wars: VII.

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One thought on “TV Casualties: Almost Human

  1. Was it just me? But it also seemed that ALMOST HUMAN was air out of order. Wish another network or Netflix would pick them up.