If you’ve been following us this week, then you know we’re really excited for the return of History’s Vikings.  We’ve given you three new interviews with the stars ahead of Thursday’s premiere of season 3, and here is one last treat.

For the last several weeks, History has been playing these short little video vignettes from Athelstan’s (George Blagden) point of view, titled “Athelstan’s Journal”.  Fans of the show know our little Monk was a very talented manuscript illuminator before Ragnar sacked his closter.  Boy, that sounds dirty, and I didn’t mean it to!  Remember when Ragnar kidnapped Athelstan and brought him back to his home, and then Ragnar and Lagertha tried to get Athelstan to join them in a threesome?   Ok, that’s not any better….

ATHELSTAN THE PRIEST SAVED A BOOK, he brought it with him from the monastery he was taken from.  Theoretically, he would have been continuing to write down his thoughts and feelings even as he began to adopt the Viking lifestyle.

Here are the “Journal” entries for you guys to enjoy before the season 3 premiere:

Vikings returns Thursday February 19th on HISTORY, check local listings for time.

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