Wonder Woman is an icon.  One of the first female super heroes, she has always managed to stand shoulder to shoulder with the boys (Batman, Superman, etc) of the JLA and it’s high time she gets her own movie.  Warner Brothers Entertainment is moving lightning fast with their ramp up for a Justice League film, building the stand alones first before converging the characters together sometime in 2017 (reportedly).  We’ve had Superman in Man of Steel, we’ve had Batman AND Superman in Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice (which also featured a shoehorned appearance by Wonder Woman and glimpses of our other heroes).

The second trailer for the June 2nd 2017 Wonder Woman solo film hit this morning, and we’re even more excited than we were for the first one:

Man, I cannot get enough of her fellow Amazonian warriors. Remember the first look we got at them before the trailer hit?  Yeah.  I just want to spend an entire movie in Themyscira training and living with them.

Wonder Woman (center) and her Amazon warriors.

The first trailer was extremely well cut, despite the awkward ‘love’ moment between Diana (Gal Gadot) and Steve Trevor (Chris Pine) which really brought down the overall action tone.  If you didn’t see it:

I was lucky enough to be in Hall H when they showed that trailer, and lemme tell ya, it was freaking electric in that room.  The only other trailer received with so much cheering and applause was the Deadpool trailer in 2015, which of course was shown AGAIN because of the audience’s reaction.

We should be so lucky to have our female heroes shown to the movie going masses with the same reverence and respect shown for almost all the guys.  The Justice League trailer from SDCC 16 was also pretty epic, that shot of Aquaman will forever be a highlight methinks.

But bring on the Lasso of Truth and the Invisible Jet, and fight like a girl.

Wonder Woman is set to open worldwide on June 2nd, 2017.

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