It looks like Fox is jumping on the momentum of X-Men: Days of Future Past being released next month. Along with official confirmation of Bryan Singer returning to direct X-Men: Apocalypse and a comment from writer Simon Kinberg, two new websites have appeared that have connections to both Fox and the X-Men franchise.

The first is Tandem Initiative.  If you spend some time clicking around the site, you realize it is a very corporate squeaky clean version of the Mutant Registration Act collection agency.  If you know your X-Men lore the name Senator Kelly is usually mentioned along with this, as well as Genosha.  Wouldn’t THAT be amazing?  I’d love to see that storyline happen, especially if Kinberg is serious about recasting Jean Grey, Scott Summers and Ororo Monroe.  Enter the contest too!  But don’t be surprised if a fleet of Sentinels starts chasing you home from the mall.  Here’s a shot of the “Friends of Humanity” holding a pro-MRA rally.

The other site is M-Underground. It’s mostly a glorified tumblr but the gist is the opposing side of the MRA.  Think of this as the general protesting side of any political campaign, with a bit of conspiracy nuttiness thrown in for good measure.  It’ll be interesting to see what they do with this page, the other one seems to be further along in it’s development.


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