Mixing Oscar winning actress Anne Hathaway and giant kaiju-esk monsters is a brilliant plan, and Colossal looks like just the right levels of awesome.  Director Nacho Vigalondo’s upcoming film Colossal has a pretty impressive cast, from the aforementioned Anne Hathaway to Jason Sudeikis, Dan Stevens, Austin Stowell, and Tim Blake Nelson.  I mean come on, frakking Bear McCreary is doing the score, how much better can this movie get?

Here is the new trailer:

Colossal premiered at Sundance this year to a mixed set of reviews, no one outright HATED the film. Well, not as much as they hated Kuso, that’s for sure.  Many outlets have put it in their top “films to see” listing after seeing it in Salt Lake.

We’re pretty excited, ESPECIALLY after the official poster was released:

Tiny finger monsters, middle finger drawn, what's not to love?
Tiny finger monsters, middle finger drawn, what’s not to love?

Colossal is set to open on April 7th 2017 in select theaters across the country.

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