Fans of the Fox series Firefly, some good news for you!  Aside from her role on Gotham, looks like actress Morena Baccarin will be appearing alongside Ryan Reynolds in the upcoming Deadpool movie.

deadpool morena

Apparently, Baccarin will be playing the film’s leading female character.  The Hollywood Reporter says she was one of a handful of actresses shortlisted for the role of Reynolds’ character’s love interest.  This of course leads to the big question, who will she be playing?  There is this great article over on Den Of Geek that names 11 notable loves of our Merc with a Mouth.

I cannot wait to see her in action, I am a huge fan and had not-so-secretly hoped Morena would be joining the Game Of Thrones cast as one of the three main Sand Snakes (which so far hasn’t happened).

The Fox Deadpool solo film staring Ryan Reynolds is set to open February 12, 2016.

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