Take a look at the Man of Steel as he could have been!
Take a look at the Man of Steel as he could have been!

I’m a screenplay junkie, I love reading scripts to movies that have never been made. Voltron, Frank Darabont’s rejected script for Indiana Jones and the City of the Gods and even the 1974 draft of The Star Wars (which was awful and it reminds me a bit of the Phantom Menace, weirdly enough).

So when I just heard that the director of Metalocalypse, Jon Schnepp, wants to fund a documentary via Kickstarter on one of the most famous unmade films, Superman Lives, my eyes lit up like a roman candle! People, this could have been the best worst movie ever made and by far the weirdest take on Superman!

If you haven’t read the script or seen Kevin Smith talk about it, you have no idea how insane the ideas are in this. Rainbow robot Superman suit! Non-flying Superman! Giant spider in the third act! Brainiac kills a polar bear and has a gay robot sidekick! Nicolas Cage as Superman!

Let me repeat that, fucking Nicolas I-need-a-paycheque Cage as the Man of Steel.

Here’s Schnepp explaining the project.

I’ve read the Kevin Smith screenplay as well as the previous version that Smith bashed called “Superman Reborn”– and that version is as awful as he says it is. The Smith script, while much better, is still over the top crazy. Then Tim Burton got his hands on it and it went off the deep end. Here’s Smith explain his involvement.

Basically, it comes down to the following, Warner Bros. allowed people who don’t like Superman to make the decisions for this film. This may or may not be bad idea, I mean Burton didn’t like Batman and he made a great Batman movie and… oh, I see what you did there WB. If someone makes a great Batman movie, give them Superman to take care of next. Gotcha.

With the Man of Steel hitting theatres in a few months, I can’t help but think, as Schnepp does, what could have been. We could have had the weirdest Superman movie ever made. We fanboys and fangirls would probably have hated it, but on some level, we’d secretly love it as well. So head on over to Kickstarter and tell Schnepp the following:


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