Most of you know we all love Halloween here! And as always we have some great stuff for you this year as you can see by our past assortment of things!


Isaiah Stevens who created the All Grown Up Nicktoons created this Disney inspired set back in 2014 and we still think it’s an awesome re-imagining of Disney characters dressing up for Halloween. Isaiah is an amazing artist and animator and you should definitely check out his deviantart page.


The gallery features some of the most iconic comic, cartoon, tv, game and movie characters, like Black Widow, Rogue, Leia, Link, Xena, Chun Li, Dr. Who and Danaerys to name a few.



And because it is the season, and it’s also kinda what we do here, we have several excellent cosplay galleries you might want to check out. Jenny Lorenzo as Wednesday Addams. There’s always Ani-Mia as Morticia. Wait.. what, we need to get these two together for a set! As you may know New York Comic Con just wrapped up so we have our cosplay video!


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