Quick who’s you favorite Power Ranger of all time? I’m betting most of you said Tommy Oliver, played by Jason David Frank. More specifically, I bet your favorite incarnation of his was as the mighty, Green Ranger. Well Rangers fans, if this is the case, then we have one hell of a morphenomenal statue for you! Bandai Tamashii Nations presents, the Green Ranger Figuarts Zero Statue!

Mighty Morphin Power Rangers took the early to mid 90’s by storm! Zordon’s five “teenagers with attitude” and their continued battle against the evil Rita Repulsa captivated us as kids. The series is full of classic episodes, but none more classic than the seminal “Green Ranger miniseries”. The Green Ranger was meant to be Rita’s ultimate weapon against the Power Rangers. She enchanted the Ranger’s new friend, Tommy Oliver, and turned him into an evil Ranger of her very own. He was given the power to wield the Sword of Darkness and the musical Dragon Dagger, that summons the mighty Dragonzord from the depths. The Green Ranger proved to be a formidable foe, but the Ranger’s were able to break the curse that enchanted him. He then became their ally, making them stronger than ever before, with the combined powers of their skills and Zords.

This statue from Bandai Tamashii Nations is a flawless, screen accurate representation of Tommy, the Green Ranger. This astoundingly detailed piece stands 7 inches tall. The Green Ranger stands upon a base of fractured rock, poised, at the ready and with his trusty Dragon Dagger in hand. You can almost hear Tommy play that trademark tune, which would call the fearless Dragonzord into battle! Pricing on this statue is just $51.99 before shipping and handling. Grab one of your own by clicking the link here and visiting our good friends at Entertainment Earth. May the power protect you!


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