New York Comic Con (NYCC) has surpassed SDCC in attendance this year. With that said we were able to put together a cosplay music video for you all that we really hope you might enjoy!

We could not decide on thumbnails so we made two!

dana rogue

Special Thank you to all involved in the making of this video!

Song Written and Created by GreenMusicProduction

Special Thanks to all the Great Cosplayer involved in this video!
Stella Chuu
Kitty Young
Vengance Designs
KO Cosplay
Liana Richardson
Scarlett Fly Cosplay
Scarlet Stepford
Joanna Mari
Chosplay (thumbnail image)
Action Packed Cosplay
Lindsay Elyse

If we missed anyone from the list of people in the video (Which I know we did! didnt get cards on everyone!) PLEASE LET US KNOW in the comments I am so and so in the video here is a link to my page and we will get you in the description ASAP!
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