Just when we think we don’t need more movies based on boardgames, Ouija: The Origin of Evil scares it’s way into theaters.  If you’ll recall, we’ve already had a film in this franchise, back in 2014.  Sure, it maybe wasn’t a genre redefining turn, but it wasn’t too bad. Someone thought that meant we should TOTALLY MAKE ANOTHER ONE, because the film going public LOVES multiple chapters in their horror titles, right?  RIGHT?

Don’t let my words fool you, I highly enjoyed Ouija: Origin Of Evil.  It had the right amount creepy and humor, talented actors/actresses, as well as extremely well done time period dressing.  Writer/Director Mike Flanagan (Oculus, Hush) brought us a pretty solid scary flick happening in a firmly set time period, and did it believably. There are even film burns in the upper right hand corner during the movie, done just enough to get the feeling of an older film but without taking you completely out of the story.  I LOVED that addition.

Mother knows spiritually best
Mother knows spiritually best

Origin of Evil takes place in the 1960s, and whomever did the sets and costuming deserves praise.  The little things we see like Alice Zander’s (Elizabeth Reaser) key fold, and her various outfits. Whenever one of the two Zander daughters are watching television, there is something about Astronauts, which also firmly plants the year into the late 60s.

Annalise and Lulu as the Zander sisters

The daughters are the true heroes here, the young actresses show tremendous skill in their believable delivery of lines and interactions. Annalise Basso as elder sister Paulina Zander brings light and hope of a teenager during the time period, who just so happens to be dealing with darker spiritual things in her home.

I mean really. How creepy?!

Lulu Wilson as younger daughter Doris Zander is TREMENDOUS, and I cannot wait to see what she does with her future. Her ability to convey childhood innocence and demonic possession in a single shot is fabulous, and plays into the 2016 ideal of young actresses being powerful.  (Think Eleven in Stranger Things, and not-as-young Michelle in 10 Cloverfield Lane)

Looking for spirits in ALL the wrong places.

I won’t go into detail on the plot or various action moments that may ruin the experience for you audience members.  It goes about how you expect, someone doesn’t follow the Ouija rules ONE TIME, and a spirit enters into the house. This of course causes death, terror, and general evil chaos that may or may not rival The Conjuring for genre film.

SCORE: 8 OUT OF 10would see again (but without the talk-out-loud audience)

I love when films give out promo items! This is a box of anti-evil mints, a flashlight, and a round black candle.

The big takeaway is once again, a sloppy rushed ending that doesn’t seem to really give us anything other than a wide open door for MORE FILMS in the Ouija franchise.  But up until the last probably 5 minutes of screentime, I enjoyed the experience.

Ouija: Origin of Evil opens worldwide on Friday, October 21st 2016.

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